5 Best Practices for Link Wheels

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Link wheels are fast becoming the most popular back link building technique on the web, but when choosing a link wheel provider, it’s best you do your research.

Building a link wheel is a rather easy process, you find a Web 2.0 site, you write an article, and you include 2 links in it. Simple enough, right?

Well the the team at Google knows your tricks. They can fish out this scheme because it’s so simple, so what we have to do is inject some randomness into the equation so it’s much harder for the team at Google.

Here are some great guidelines for building you link wheels.
Include Blogs In Your Link Wheels

Don’t restrict your linkwheels to simply Web 2.0 sites, use sites like PayPerPost, or Sponsored Reviews to write about your topics. Include a link to your link wheel spoke and to your main site. This adds even more randomness into the equation and also gives you a better, more diverse link structure.

We have a blog network of PR3 blogs we use for all or our link wheel packages and by using this diverse mix, it creates a better collection of back links for your site.
Update Your Link Wheels Every 2-3 Weeks

Set it and forget, right? Well unlike the Ron Popeil, websites and link wheels are an evolving process. You want to make sure to invest some time into each link wheel you create otherwise you’ll spend a lot more work having to create one after another after they are either 1) deleted or 2) outdated and discounted in value.

After about 2-3 weeks when your link wheel has been created, go back, and add some new content. Have a quick peek at Google News for your targeted keyword and add ~100 words of new content to the page. It also helps if you throw in a YouTube video or some additional content.

Once you’re done, ping your link wheel to one of the RSS sites, I like to use FeedPing.com, it has about 100 RSS sites, and can get the pinging done in about 5 minutes.

This will help Google pickup on your new sites, and update it accordingly.
Don’t Close Your Link Wheel

When constructing a link wheel, typically you would start at Site 1, and end at Site 12. Well instead of having Site 12 link to Site 1, make it chaotic.

Link Site 1 to Site 5 and Site 5 to Site 8

It works even better if you have an advanced link wheel that goes across blogs, article sites like eZinearticles.com.
Use Article/Press Release Sites

Web 2.0 sites are continually rolling back link wheels, and turning all of their links to nofollow, making them less and less useless all the time.

Article sites have a more strict review and editorial process, so they will continue to keep links dofollow. Once you establish yourself as a writer on article sites, you will have a much quicker approval time, and can guarantee that your link wheels will not be deleted.

Using sites like this, it further increases the diversity of the back links and makes your site profile look that much better to the search engines.

We use 19 different press release/article sites in each of our link wheels, and although it takes more time for the projects to be completed since we have to wait on editorial approval, the entire project comes out much better for our clients.
Use Variations on Keywords

Having variations of keywords and not always using the exact targeted keyword also makes link wheels look more natural.


Having 1000 sites pointing at your targeted domain with the keyword 'gold' will look a little suspicious to Google. So within link wheels, be sure to include some diversity.

If you were targeting gold, throw in some keywords like this:

buy gold
buy gold online
gold website
click here for gold

With the goal being to include some longer tail keywords, as well as natural linking keywords. Most people link to other sites with the anchor text click here so there’s millions of sites that should rank high for "click here" so to make sure your site follows the same path, include similar "click here" phrases around your keyword.





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